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What to know before buying door handles

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Whether it’s for the front door or the interior doors of the house, there are a few things you need to know before buying door handles that you are going to live with forever! So what are the things you need to look up before buying the handles? Here are some features of handles you need to check out:

Type of the door

Since humidity and rain is the enemy of door handles, especially outdoor ones; you have to consider the type of your door before choosing the handle. Galvanised handles usually are suitable for outdoor handles. Stainless steel is the best option for preventing corrosion. Bronze do not rust, but develops a layer over time. Take all these information before choosing your door hardware.

The style and finish

In addition to its other functions, handles can affect the aesthetic value of your door, and your home. Pick the handle that matches the style of construction of your home. Door hardware are available in a number of finishes, so you also have quite a few options. Think colours, material, finish etc. before picking the right handle for your beautiful doors.

The lockset

What kind of security are you expecting from your door? This is an important factor to consider before buying the right handle. Different types of locks have different construct, and different functions. You have to pick a cylindrical or a mortise lockset. Mortise locksets have the workings for a deadbolt, which cylindrical ones do not. Some doors, such as double door handles do not need locks at all, but the handles are usually used to grip and push or pull the doors to open. So consider this before buying your handles.

Your budget

Before going to buy handles and locks, get a clear estimate of the number of hardware you need and how that fits your budget. For certain door handles the cost of the lock is included, and for some the case is the opposite.

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How to maintain your door handles right

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No matter how small it is, door handles need as much maintenance as any other hardware of your house. Dirty and unkempt handles can deteriorate, rust, get damaged fast and also dull down the look of your home. You can maintain the handles in your home regularly, just these simple factors will help you.

Depending on the material of the handle, the nature of care they need varies. Although the mechanism of handles are not that complicated, it does include a number of small parts that operates in close proximity with each other. Over time, after enough use, all handles suffer from wear and tear. It is important to clean, lubricate and weather seal handles on a regular basis.

It is quite easy to clean a handle, using soap water and piece of cloth first to clean the dirt, then a rinse using just water. Different handle materials need different types of polish, such as a non-abrasive wax polish. Use the polish after removing the dirt from the handle to make your door handle looking like new!

Once every six months, you need to lubricate the door handle in order to keep the little parts functioning. It depends on the type of door and how much you use it though. It’s effective to lubricate door hardware just before winter starts to prevent freezing.

Lubricating with oil or graphite spray is quite easy. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you do it once a month, and you don’t let the lubricant gather on the door or smear the carpet. Using a straw to spay the inside of the locking mechanism will prevent spillage and penetrate the hardware well.

Outdoor handles take more maintaining as they fight with the weather conditions more. Your outdoor door hardware should be fully galvanized to protect them from rain, snow etc. process of freezing and thawing deteriorates the hardware more quickly, so maintain them as regular as possible and inspect for rust. Be sure not to use any abrasive cleaning product that might damage the handle.

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Why Choose Handles Plus

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Door handles are small and somewhat ordinary parts of your house that you don’t usually think about unless they give you trouble. Think of a handle-less door. Can you live in a house with faulty door handles? It would be quite difficult to do that. It’s pretty important to choose the right type of door handles in the first try so they are durable, lasts longer and does not malfunction.

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Our range of products is most comprehensive

Our collection of products include internal door furniture, entry pull handles, locks, door stops, hinges, bolts, window fittings over 100 square meters and 3500 cabinet handles etc. All of it is on display, for you to come visit it and choose the perfect fit for your doors!

There’s nothing we can’t handle!

Be it a lever handle or pull, lock cases or cylinders, hinges or door stops, we have it all in our collection. You can get a beautiful door handle for your front door at Handles Plus. Your kitchen renovation will yield ever better results when you use our cabinet handles for the kitchen cabinets!

We will help you pick your match

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